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Natural Christmas Decorations

Natural Christmas

At Christmas time I love simple decorations, natural colours and candlelight. Christmas traditions date back to ancient times when greenery was brought inside to ward off evil spirits and to celebrate the eternal circle of life. To create natural Christmas decorations  gather some twigs, berries and foliage and make simple garlands, wreaths and candle decorations. […]

Eco-friendly Cards, Invitations & Stationery

Eco-friendly stationery

When planning a wedding, party or event, or celebrating a special occasion, there are many ways to minimise the impact on the environment. A good start is with cards & invitations, below are some things to consider when choosing your stationery. Is the card environmentally friendly? Ideally the card would be recycled therefore using resources […]

Eco-friendly Wedding & Party Decorations

Eco wedding decorations

With a little creativity, party and wedding decorations can be both stunning and eco-friendly. The three R’s of the environment – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle can be an effective way of thinking about the ways to lessen the impact of a large celebration. Below are some ideas for eco chic decorations. 1. Pretty Flower Pots from […]

Olympic Flowers

London 2012 Olympics

I spent yesterday at the London 2012 Olympics. For me the flowers and landscaping were one of the most impressive things about the whole experience. A site that was rubble and pylons only several years ago has been transformed with contemporary planting design, beautiful wildflower meadows and wetlands. The meadows were planted and timed to flower for the games […]