Paper Flowers for the National Trust Gift Shops

Paper Flowers for the National Trust

Paper Tree is delighted that this Summer the National Trust are stocking our paper flowers at a selection of their gift shops. The flowers available are a Paper Peony, Paper English Rose & Paper Ranunculus Rose. They can be purchased individually or together to create a colourful and long-lasting Summer display.

At Paper Tree we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. These paper flowers are handmade by skilled artisans in Thailand from traditionally made Mulberry paper. Mulberry trees are a renewable resource and after the bark is harvested from the tree it regenerates. The paper-making process uses very little water and energy and the paper is ultimately biodegradable so that it will break down naturally over time, without harming the environment.

The National Trust was founded in 1895 and is the largest conservation charity in Europe. They look after nature, beauty & history for everyone to enjoy.

“We protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive. Many millions share the belief that nature, beauty and history are for everyone. So we look after the nation’s coastline, historic sites, countryside and green spaces, ensuring everyone benefits.”