Paper Roses for Summer

Paper Roses

Summer is here at last in the UK with warm sunny days and long light evenings. The roses are blooming in my garden and I love their beautiful colours and exuberant displays.

Paper Roses

I have been putting together some paper bouquets for summertime displays & gift bouquets. Whilst I adore fresh roses and often pick garden flowers to bring indoors, they naturally don’t last for long. So paper flowers compliment fresh flowers in decorating my house. This paper rose posy contains pink, yellow & ivory roses with a green & pink hydrangea.

New this year is the English paper rose with lots of pretty pale yellow petals and a pink centre. It is based on an old fashioned English rose. All of our paper flowers are made from eco-friendly paper. These roses are made from mulberry paper which is a sustainable resource as it is made from the bark of the tree which then regenerates after harvest. The pulp is then handmade into a natural paper and dyed with non-toxic dyes.

Paper roses

Another new addition is a pale yellow paper rose with a pink edge. It is one of my favourite colours and also available as a larger size rose.

Paper roses small to large

As you can see above we have lots of different size roses ranging from the mini paper roses at approximately 10cm tall to the large paper rose at approximately 55cm tall. The mini roses are perfect for decorating gifts & favours as well as for making cards & stationery.

Paper rose wedding bouquet

A paper rose wedding bouquet is a perfect eco-friendly and long lasting alternative to fresh flowers. I can put together any of our paper flowers to make a unique bouquet, please ask me if you need any advice.

Wishing you a happy Summer.

Ann-Marie x