Paper Blossom Flower

Delicate shades of pink and white blossoms signal Spring. Apple, cherry, orange and almond blossom all have distinct colours and blooms.

In Japan, ‘Hanami’ is the tradition of enjoying the beauty of flowers and in Spring this means Cherry Blossom (Sakura) which bloom all over Japan from March to May. Hanami is a very old practice said to have started in the 8th century.

Hanami Japan

In the United States, hanami has also become very popular. In 1912, Japan gave 3,000 sakura trees as a gift to celebrate the nations’ friendship. These trees were planted in Washington D.C. and another 3,800 trees were donated in 1965.These sakura trees continue to be a popular tourist attraction, and every year, there is a Blossom Festival.

At Paper Tree we have paper blossom beautifully hand crafted from mulberry paper, a sustainable resource. The paper is made from the bark of the mulberry tree, this is a perennial, rejuvenating itself after harvest so the bark can be made into a natural paper without destroying the tree. The paper is then handmade and crafted into stunningly lifelike flowers.