Valentines Paper Flowers, Cards & Gifts

Paper Flowers

The Paper Tree Valentine’s shop has a unique & lovely selection of handmade cards & gifts to send to your loved one on Valentine’s day.

Paper Roses Valentines

These handmade paper roses are beautifully hand crafted from eco-friendly paper and will last for many years!

I Love You Valentines Card

We have a stunning selection of handmade Valentines cards. Designer Sarah Becvar has hand embroidered this floral heart with the words ‘I love you’.

Personalised Paper Roses

Our paper roses are also available printed with the words ‘I love you’ or for a truly unique gift you can personalise the rose with your own words such as a favourite poem, song or special message.

Paper Bouquet

Red roses are a traditional Valentines’s gift and these paper roses make a stunning Valentine paper bouquet complimented by hand crafted paper Lilies.

Wild Rose Garland

For some romantic decor drape a wild rose & ivy garland around a mantlepiece or table.

Paper Rose Petals

And for a finishing touch sprinkle some paper rose petals.

Wishing you a happy Valentines. x