Happy Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018

Sunday 22nd April is Earth Day, a worldwide movement to help to protect the natural environment through education and activism. 48 years ago in 1970 millions of people took to the streets to protest about the negative impacts of industrial development. This battle continues in the face of huge destruction and degradation of our natural world.

Isle of Coll

It was particularly sad to see David Attenborough on ‘Blue Planet’ highlight the effect of plastics on marine life. This appears though to have had a big impact on people and many are now looking at ways that plastics in particular can be reduced.

South Downs national park

This year the Earth Day Network is focusing on mobilizing the world to End Plastic Pollution. Goals include ending single-use plastics, promoting 100% recycling of plastics, making businesses and governments accountable and changing human behaviour around plastics.

Howegrain, Lake District

Here are a few tips that can make an impact;

  • Join Earth Day Network’s campaign to End Plastic Pollution
  • Join a local park, river or beach clean-up. The Marine Conservation Society organise beach clean-ups in the UK.
  • Stop using disposable plastics, especially single-use plastics like bottles, bags and straws.
  • Recycle paper, plastic and glass.
  • Bring reusable bags when you shop.
  • Use reusable bottles for water, and reusable mugs for coffee.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables unwrapped.

Paper Flowers Eco Friendly

At Paper Tree our paper flowers and gifts are eco-friendly, made from sustainable or recycled paper and ultimately biodegradable . We are members of 1% for the Planet and give 1% of our sales to environmental organisations.


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