Handcrafted Flowers & Easter Eggs

Bettys Easter Window

This Easter our handcrafted paper flowers can be seen decorating the windows of ‘Betty’s‘, an iconic group of Cafe Tea Rooms in Yorkshire.

Bettys Cakes

Bettys was founded in 1919 and  is famous worldwide for it’s exquisite cakes, chocolates and pastries and is well worth visiting Yorkshire for alone (although Yorkshire is worth visiting in very many respects!).
Paper Cherry Blossom

We created some handmade paper cherry blossom to coordinate with their beautiful Imperial Easter Egg.

Imperial Easter Egg

This limited edition egg is stunning decorated with blossom, bluebells, primroses and butterflies. It is made entirely by hand and weighs 5kg, there are smaller versions too!

Paper Hellebore

Nestled amongst the Easter eggs and Spring display, you can also see our beautifully handmade paper Hellebore.

Bettys Harrogate

The cafe tearoom in Harrogate is one of my favourites. If you visit for lunch or afternoon tea I  particularly recommend a ‘Fat Rascal’ (similar to an oversized scone) and ‘Yorkshire Rarebit’ served with one of their fine teas.

Bettys Windows

There is often a queue to get into Bettys but any wait is well worth it.Yorkshire Dales

Afterwards you might like to walk some of it off –  the Yorkshire Dales is the most stunning landscape to explore, see Welcome to Yorkshire for ideas of places to go.

Pink Paper Cherry Blossom

Wishing you a very happy Easter!

Ann-Marie x


With many thanks to Bettys and Sally How at Howfine Designs for some of these images.