Paper Flowers for Valentines Day | Gifts & DIY Ideas

Paper Flowers & Paper Roses

Paper flowers are a fantastic, long-lasting alternative to real flowers, I love to have both in my house! Paper flowers can be made using sustainable or recycled paper and are ultimately biodegradable so are more eco-friendly than fabric flowers. I also love the artistic skill in creating them.

At Paper Tree we have a beautiful range of paper flowers from roses to lilies, peonies, sunflowers and cherry blossom. All are made from sustainable mulberrry paper – the bark of the Mulberry tree is used to create the paper without the tree being cut down. If you are looking for a unique and sustainable Valentines gift our Valentines paper rose bouquet is available in any combination of pink, red & ivory roses.

DIY Giant Crepe Paper Roses

If you would like to make your own Valentines paper rose there is a brilliant tutorial at Studio DIY.  Paper flowers are fairly time-consuming to make but only simple materials are needed – crepe paper, wire and glue.

I love these roses from The House that Lars Built  the paper has been painted to add detail to the leaves and petals.

Flower Heart Wreath

Lia Griffith has this gorgeous tutorial for a handmade paper heart wreath. 

Romantic Gift - Paper Rose

This red rose is a perfect paper Valentine gift with the words ‘I love you’ in text on the petals. It is available from our Valentines shop

Paper Roses

Wishing you a very happy Valentines day.

Ann-Marie xo