Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

I can’t believe that Easter is almost here, time has flown this year (and Easter is actually very early). I have been looking at Pinterest and there are some amazing egg decorating ideas which I hope to try next weekend.

This ‘egg angel’ from Flax & Twine is just gorgeous, so simple but so pretty. The flower crown is make with thin wire and gypsophila (baby’s breath), you can see all the instructions on the Flax & Twine blog.

easter egg angel

I also love these watercolour eggs from Craftberrybush. Some skill is required to paint so beautifully but I am sure something is possible!

watercolour eggs

Using egg shells as mini flower pots is a lovely idea, fill with small flowers like violas or small narcissi and hang with twine, at  Hwittblog.

egg vase with violas

How about using a vase filled with eggs and spring flowers, from Stonegableblog. You could fill the vase with our paper cherry blossom.

EASTER 10 MINUTE DECORATING- Create a beautiful Easter arrangement in under 10 minutes!

Finally, one that will appeal to children are these very cute bunny eggs from Little Red Window.

Easter Bunny Eggs | littleredwindow.com | These charming little bunnies are so easy to make!

Hope you have fun decorating!

Ann-Marie x