Creative Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Creative Ideas

Mother’s Day in the UK is early this year on 6th March due to the fact that Easter is early, which in turn is down to the moon which is full this year soon after the Spring equinox of 21st March.  It all seems quite complicated!

In the UK the celebration’s proper name is Mothering Sunday. The day is always celebrated on the 4th Sunday of lent, 3 weeks before Easter and Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring. The UK tradition of Mothering Sunday comes from medieval times when on this day people returned to their ‘Mother’ church. In later times servants would be given the day off and go with their families.

Nowadays it is a day when Mothers can be thanked by their children for all the work they do. So here are a few ideas;

To start the day a special breakfast in bed is always  appreciated!

Mother's Day breakfast in bed

I love this printable stationery and menu from Lia Griffith which you can download from her website.

DIY floral letters

These floral letters from the Mrs and Momma Bird look beautiful and would make  a lovely gift. You could make them with our paper flowers

Flower Garden Cupcakes (The Creative Cake Academy).

Whilst I’m not sure that I could create anything like these beautifully decorated cakes, there are some lovely ideas here to make a gorgeous mother’s day gift.DIY Mothers Day Gift Box

This kraft gift box can be decorated in lots of different ways, fill it with home made cakes or cookies.

Mothers Day Paper Bouquet

This pretty paper Mother’s Day bouquet makes a beautiful handmade gift and will last for years! You could try making your own paper flowers or check out this Mother’s Day pinterest board for more ideas.

I hope you enjoy being creative this Mother’s Day! x