Paper Christmas Decorations

paper snowflake garland

Paper Decorations are a fun and contemporary way to decorate at Christmas time. Many can be made inexpensively for anyone who enjoys creative projects. Ultimately they are biodegradable and by using recycled or FSC certified paper the environment can have a happy Christmas too. Here are some lovely crafty ideas;

This rustic Scandinavian style Advent Calendar uses paper bags in brown kraft and red patterns to hold treats. Tie on a long stick with string, ribbon or bakers twine.

DIY advent calendar

Cardboard Reindeer can be simply made from old boxes, see the template on the link. Finish with a fir wreath.

Cardboard Reindeer head

This Paper Straw Wreath is a very modern take on the traditional wreath.

paper straw wreath

Paper Fans are a pretty way to add colour and pattern to any Christmas decorations. Click the link for a tutorial on how to make them.

paper fan decorations

Geometric Decorations are on trend at the moment and Field Guide design on Etsy sell a kit for these fantastic paper polyhedrons.

geometric paper decs

Snowflakes are so pretty to create a Winter wonderland, here are some templates for DIY Paper Snowflakes;

DIY paper snowflakes

If you would rather buy ready made Paper Snowflake Decorations then these lovely paper fans are perfect.

Paper snowflakes

Here at Paper Tree we love this pretty Paper Rose & Mistletoe Decoration. Drape along a mantelpiece or around a mirror for a romantic Christmas decoration.

Mistletoe Rose Garland