Halloween – Spooky Snacks :o

Spider Cookies, Melon Monsters and Gingerbread Vampires – not your usual party food,  but at Halloween some deviation is allowed. Fun to make and more delicious than they look, here are some ideas for spooky party snacks.

spider cookie

Have a look at  A Spicy Perspective for a delicious recipe for these spider cookies made with chocolate and peanut butter.

spooky satsumas

A very simple idea here, just draw on faces with a marker pen to make Spooky Satsumas from Indulgy.

melon monster

This quite revolting Melon Monster is nevertheless a fun way to eat fruit, photo by McBrides.

strawberry ghosts

These strawberries dipped in white chocolate from Taste of Home are certainly not too spooky to eat.

gingerbread vampires

For an alternative to traditional Gingerbread men these Vampires were seen on Flickr.

pumpkin cooler

Finally, a nice cool drink is essential and this Pumpkin cooler will do the job perfectly from The Berry.

Happy Halloween!