Happy Earth Day

Earth day

April 22nd is Earth Day, it is an annual event to draw attention to environmental protection and to celebrate the earth. It all started in 1970 and now involves 192 countries who are taking action to protect the planet. It can seem that in the face of a huge growing world population, there is little that we can do to make an impact, but by making just small contributions, individuals can really make a difference. The Earth Day Network  has lots of ideas to make small changes with their ‘Billion Acts of Green’ campaign. Ideas include ‘Stop Using Disposable Plastic’,  ‘Eat less meat’ or make small donations to environmental organisations.

The Rainforest Trust has announced a campaign to save 100,000 acres of Amazon Rainforest and create a reserve for Jaguars in the Peruvian Amazon. “Protecting the Sierra del Divisor range is crucial for global wildlife, for indigenous peoples and the world,” said Dr. Paul Salaman, CEO of Rainforest Trust. “The Amazon holds two-thirds of the world’s fresh water and produces 20% of the planet’s air. So it makes sense to focus on it for Earth Day as the well-being of our planet has much to with what happens there.

At Paper Tree, we are members of 1% for the Planet , an organisation that matches businesses with environmental organisations. We use sustainable and recycled paper to make our products and try to minimise our impact on the environment. You can read more on our Eco-Ethical policy page.