Creative Egg Decorating for Easter

As a child I loved decorating boiled eggs at Easter with funny faces and patterns. This is in fact an ancient tradition going back thousands of years. Engraved Ostrich eggs about 60,000 years old have been found in Africa and early Christians dyed eggs red in memory of the blood of Christ. In the 1600’s eggs were officially adopted by the Christian church as a symbol of resurrection.

Here are some lovely ideas for decorating eggs and for creating Easter decorations.

Pretty Eggs

These pretty painted eggs from Lulufant can be as simple or elaborate as you like depending on your patience and painting skills.

Tattoo Eggs
Tattoo Eggs

A quicker way to decorate eggs is to add temporary tattoos to them which look very effective in this wildlife theme from Country Living.

Hanging Eggs

If using blown, papier mache or plastic eggs they can be hung from twigs and cherry blossom branches for a stunning Easter display. From Creative Mint.

Washi Eggs

Paper washi tape is a really simple way to add patterns to eggs from Trendenser

Paper Eggs
Paper Eggs

There is a tutorial on how to make these pretty paper eggs at Craft & Creativity.

Flower Eggs

Once the eggs are eaten using the shells as mini vases is a lovely contemporary way to display flowers. For a tutorial on this see Fleuretica.

Happy decorating and a very happy Easter.