DIY Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is 30th March in the UK and a handmade gift will really be appreciated. The ideas below are suitable for children to make, with some help. I hope that my children (and husband!) will be reading this blog!

Paper Button Flowers

These paper flowers are simply made with hand cut petals and a button centre, they look really pretty in these wooden pots covered with paper. Any container could be used and covered with paper washi tape. From Parents .

Egg Carton Flowers

There is a full tutorial on Modge Podge Rocks for this pretty picture with flowers made from egg cartons. Children will love this project.

Hand print lilies

Children can make these lovely lilies from their handprints for a really personal gift from Spoonful.

Rolled Roses

These rolled roses are quite simple to make and very effective using pretty coloured paper. From Atelier Cherry.

Cupcake Flowers

I would love these cupcake flowers although feel that I might not get to eat them all myself! What a lovely gift though from Sweetandfoodpics.

Strawberry Roses

Finally these roses are really good enough to eat. Simply melt some white chocolate, add a little red colouring and dip in strawberries on kebab sticks. Finally finish with some red icing.

Should you run out of time we do have some beautiful ready made paper flowers for Mother’s Day too.

Have a lovely day!

Ann-Marie x

2 thoughts on “DIY Flowers for Mother’s Day

  1. Tia says:

    Please could you put the instructions on this website for making the very top gift (the flowers in the pot) because I want to make one for Mother’s Day but I still haven’t figured out how to make one and its Mother’s Day next Sunday so please read this and put the instructions (up if you can) as soon as possible

    Kind Regards


    This was written on:
    Saturday 7th March

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