Paper Flowers – DIY

For anyone who loves making things, DIY paper flowers are time consuming but very rewarding. Any type of paper can be used to make your own flowers – tissue, crepe or standard paper. The paper can be molded by damping then using a bowl to shape and dry, or stretched as with crepe paper. I love this roundup from The House That Lars Built

Paper Flowers DIY






































  1. white paper roses
  2. Possibly my favorite paper flowers. So fun!
  3. Amy Merrick mixed West Elm’s paper flowers and real flowers
  4. Thuss and Farrell
  5. paper flower tulips
  6. Watercolor paper flowers
  7. Crepe paper flowers
  8. Lia Griffith’s rose wedding bouquet
  9. Carnation paper flowers
  10. Lia Griffith’s roses
  11. gorgeous water color peony crepe paper flowers
  12. crepe paper bouquet
  13. Thuss and Farrell
  14. My oversized paper flowers
  15. Lia Griffith’s anenome