Eco-friendly Wedding & Party Decorations

Eco wedding decorations
With a little creativity, party and wedding decorations can be both stunning and eco-friendly. The three Rโ€™s of the environment – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle can be an effective way of thinking about the ways to lessen the impact of a large celebration. Below are some ideas for eco chic decorations.

1. Pretty Flower Pots from re-used tins

Cover tin food cans with pretty paper and line along the centre of a table. Fill each with small plants, herbs or garden flower stems. Eco-friendly flower pots

2. Hanging hearts from recycled music, maps and magazines

These simple hearts can be made by cutting out old sheet music, maps or magazines and hanging on string. Eco-friendly paper hearts  

 3. Paper Petals

Paper petals add a celebratory feel. They are made from Saa paper which is a sustainable resource and ultimately biodegradable. Paper Petals  

4. Re-used wine bottles with candles

These candles look stunning arranged en-masse as a table centrepiece. Soya or beeswax candles are a more eco alternative to petroleum based candles. wine bottle candles  

5. Apple Candles

Fresh & simple candles, made from cutting out a section of apple and placing a tealight inside. Apple Candles

 6. Green place settings

leaf place cards   There are lots of fantastic ideas for DIY & Eco decorations at Green Wedding Shoes, check out this post For more eco-friendly ideas please see my boards on Pinterest. Ann-Marie x    

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